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IT Central Procurement & Enterprise Software Agreements

IT Central Procurement involves the procurement of IT equipment by the Government either through outright purchase or leasing, starting from the acquisition and management of IT equipment up to phasing out of these IT equipment.

In order to reduce the procurement time of IT equipment and related services, as well as to standardise government's IT equipment and software licenses, EGNC prepare contracts which can be used by all ministries and departments. The contracts are:

  1. IT Central Procurement Contract 
    This is a procurement of IT equipment such as PCs, notebooks, tablets, scanners and printers. The provision of this contract has greatly reduced the time for the procurement of IT equipment from an average of 6 months to 1 months.

  2. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 
    This is an agreement with Microsoft for the procurement of Perpetual Genuine Microsoft Licenses with a standard pricing together with Software Assurance (SA) benefits.​