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What type of co-location services does EGNC provide?

EGNC provides two co-location services:

        1. Government co-location – Only applicable to Government agencies.

        2. Private co-location – Only applicable to private organisations.

What is the difference between Government co-location and Private co-location?

Government co-location shares the same Government network. All servers between Government agencies can safely interconnect for integration purposes. Internet connections uses EGNC’s single internet gateway.

Private co-location is not connected to the Government network.

Can a Government Agency use Private co-location service?

No. All Government agencies must use Government co-location service. This is for the purpose of ease of integration and centralised management

Is there any exception for a Government Agency not to use a Government co-location service?

No, unless there is very strong reason to use a separate network and it must be brought up to the proper authority for consideration.

How to connect a Government Agency to EGNC Data Centre?

One Government Network (OGN) is a dedicated and secure wide-area-network infrastructure that is used to connect any Government Agencies to EGNC.

Can a Government Agency uses a special dedicated leased line other than EG-Bandwidth (EGBW) to connect to EGNC?


How to apply OGN line to connect to EGNC

OGN application must be​​​​ submitted to EGNC

What are the procedure to co-locate at EGNC?

​The Government agency or private organisation writes a letter of intent to EGNC and include the following information:

        1. Date of intended co-location

        2. Number of servers

        3. Number of racks

        4. Name of remote site(s) which connects to EGNC and their connection speed

What are the facilities provided for co-location services?
Power Redundancy
  • Generator sets to supply power during power outage.
  • Fully redundant UPS.
  • Dual power source for every rack i.e. Two power strips for each rack. Each power strip obtains power from two different individual power sources. Each strip has twenty 10-Amps socket outlets and four 16-Amps socket outlets.
Environment Monitoring System
  • Standard 42U APC Netshelter VX server racks:
    • Maximum width 597mm
    • Maximum depth 1072mm
    • Maximum mounting depth 838mm
  • Keyboard, Video, Monitor (KVM):.
    • APC Rackmounted 17” monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    • APC 8-port KVM switch.
  • Precision Air-Conditioning System
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System.
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) System.
  • Water Leakage Detection System.
  • Security Surveillance System utilizing CCTV, Biometric and Proximity Card Access System.
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