Enabling Digital Transformation

Technology continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid pace. While the Government has been quick to adopt new tools in their current business processes, it is imperative that we continuously analyse the possibilities of change brought about by these new technologies.

In order to support government digital transformation as per our EGNC 2025 vision of "Modernized Government through Digital Transformation", EGNC's mission captures enabling Digital Transformation through limitless opportunities created by technology and skilled human capital. This mission not only encapsulates initiatives where technology is used as a tool, but also captures the dialog, interactions, and empowerment of the Government, stakeholders and the citizen itself. As an enabler, we will continue to support greater efficiency and collaboration, and improve all stakeholders and citizen experience, Government processes and services require transformation and continuous improvement and challenge the conventional way that we conduct our activities to improve the delivery of our shared ​​services.


Capability Shared Services

Government ICT Infrastructure

EGNC provides a centralised Info-Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, consisting of data centres, applications, networks and other infra that is scaled across government agencies. We specialise in creating agile, secure, resilient and cost-effective infrastructure that is optimised for government operations and improves the user experience. Beyond this foundational ICT architecture, the centre also provides guidelines and support to government agencies.


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National Information Hub

The National Information Hub (NIH) serves as a platform for information integration among government agencies in support of the data sharing initiative. Through the NIH's Single Repository, common and uncommon data can be obtained from trusted sources and supported by back-end system of government departments or agencies in need.


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National Centralised Database

The National Centralised Database (NCDB) provides a database infrastructure for the allocation of databases of the 11th National Development Plan (RKN) projects that need improvement or a "technology refresh". With the availability of this service, it will provide significant impact from the aspect of cost of software purchase and maintenance that is more economical and efficient as compared to buying software in "silos".


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