‚ÄčOne Government E-Communication (OGEC)

‚ÄčOne Government E-Communication (OGEC) project is a part of government's plan to establish and improve the ways Government agencies work together to produce cohesive Government e-Services and to encourage the development of ICT capabilities to be in-line with the e-Government Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020 as well as the Government E-mail usage policy (ICT Policy).

What we offer:

  • Email

  • Active Directory

Service Description:

Email (Collaboration e-Office)

E-Government National Centre (EGNC) provides Email Hosting mission-critical nature of business. EGNC will support to provide the best reliability, accessibility and performance for all the Government Employees to use this service components.


  • Allows faster, efficient and secure communication between Government Employees.

  • Allow accessibility from anywhere and anytime.

  • Allows sharing of information within Government Agencies and between Government Agencies.

  • such as address book to find email address of any government employees.

  • Provide Government Employees with personal organization tools to improve own effectiveness

  • Manage meetings and appointments through e-calendars.

  • Manage personal tasks.

  • Reminder on appointments and meetings.

Active Directory (AD):

Active directory is repository/database of all the information stored securely in connected IT environment to integrate with services such as security management of users, computers, printers and other networking resources that is required in network.


  • Provide single-sign on capablities for all the user access to network resources such as applications and data access management processers.

  • Central location for network and security administration

  • Standarizing access to application data.

  • Secure your laptop through the use of directory serviecs.

  • Ability to login to your account and access services anytime.

Other Information:

For any inquries:

Telephone     : 2424955 ext 303

Email             : helpdesk@egc.gov.bn