System Engineer​

Entry Requirements:

  • First Degree / BDQF Level 6 / equivalent recognised qualification in IT field OR
  • HND / BDQF level 5 / equivalent recognised qualification in IT field + 5 years' experience as Programmer / System Supervisor or any suitable position OR
  • 7 years' experience in C.3 as Programmer / System Supervisor or any suitable position

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Handle projects and technical services as directed by the Chiefs and carry out duties relevant to the projects and services.
  • Manage the implementation of ICT projects and services, including the implementation of plans and the management of project and its resources.
  • Research, design, and recommend innovative technical improvements to existing systems, processes and infrastructures in line with Ministry/Department mission and objectives.
  • Analysing technical issues and requirements needed for projects and related services and execute steps that need to be taken according to the given area of authority and provide reports/recommendations to the Chiefs as when necessary.
  • Administer and ensure the safety, level of consistency and integrity of infrastructure, hardware and softwaresystems;
  • Assist in preparing standards, policies and procedures in accordance to best practices;
  • Manage the installation of ICT and data centre facility related equipments such as Environment Monitoring System, Airconditioning System, Fire Suppression, Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  • Manage the installation of network and other related equipments as well as controlling the use of bandwidth, wireless, switching and routing of network processors.
  • Manage the operation and maintenance of ICT and other related equipment to ensure operational continuity which include capacity and availabilty planning.
  • Administer and ensure the safety of network operations and infrastructure which include incident management.
  • Architecting and designing the implementation of the latest digital platform.
  • Manage and plan the tasks of ICT technical staff and any other staff under their responsibility.
  • Responsible for carrying out other tasks as directed by the Director of E-Government National Centre or their representative.