Senior System Analyst​

Entry Requirements:

  • First Degree / BDQF Level 6 / equivalent recognised qualification in IT field AND
    • 5+ years' experience in B.2 EB.3 as System Analyst / System Engineer or any suitable position OR
    • 8+ years' experience in B.2 as System Analyst / System Engineer or any suitable position

Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible for monitoring and ensuring the performance and the quality of managed ICT functions and services are carried out efficiently, trustworthily, perfectly and in integrity following the good practices and standards as well as the matters below:

  • Monitor/ensure the quality and performance of the implementation of ICT projects and services including the execution of plans and control of the resources of relevant projects are carried out.
  • Assist the System Manager in managing the functions and services of Information Technology Centre and carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Centre which include the following:
    • Customer Relationship Management including call centre services, helpdesk, Service Level;
    • The development and expansion of infrastructure, maintenance of key application systems and other information system;
    • Leading infrastructure operations which includes 24 x 7 Operation System Administration, Networks, Security and Facilities;
    • Assist in the provision of a master plan for the implementation of e-Government projects;
    • Analyse the effectiveness of e-Government projects proposal;
    • Establish standards, policies and procedures in accordance to best practices;
    • Responsible for carrying out other tasks as directed by the Director of E-Government National Centre or their representative.