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Over 9,000 register on government job portal
Ministry of Development (MoD) staff registering with the government job portal during e-Darussalam clinic at the ministry.

Abdul Aziz Ismail

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OVER 9,000 people have registered with the goverment’s job portal since it started operations in February.

A total of 9,632 registered at the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Recruitment System as of May, compared to about 4,000 in March.

Norefna Abdullah, executive officer at PSC’s Recruitment Section, said the online job application system has been a success.

“A lot of people have applied and a lot of people have also asked us questions, which show that this system is being used well,” she said on the sidelines of the e-Darussalam clinic at the Ministry of Development (MoD) yesterday.

She said the portal helps to tackle Brunei’s unemployment rate because jobseekers are able to apply anytime and anywhere.

“Online is certainly a good way to allow people to apply for jobs in the government sector because they wouldn’t have to go to the office and counter directly, they can just access the website and apply online,” she said.

Manual form submissions for government job applications are no longer accepted since the online recruitment system was implemented.

During the Legislative Council meetings earlier this year, the second finance minister had said the government job portal would shortlist candidates within six to 13 weeks. Previously, it would take 10 to 24 weeks for an applicant to get a response from PSC.

Norefna said some jobseekers often miss their opportunity in applying for jobs in the government because they are unable to visit the ministry to apply.

“Members of the public have responded and said that the system is more convenient and easy for people to apply because it is online,” she said.

She said the public still need to register for an e-Darussalam account before they can access the PSC recruitment system.

“They need to personally activate their e-Darussalam account but other than that, the rest (of the processes) will be done online,” she said.

Norefna also said the system assists government staff to seek other vacancies within the ministries.

“Civil servants also need to know because they could apply for another position or a promotion,” the executive officer added.

A statement said the five-day e-Darussalam clinic aims to raise awareness of the new system and give the opportunity for Ministry of Development staff to register and activate their accounts.

Courtesy of The Brunei Times