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79% of complaints via TD123 resolved within few days
The public can lodge complaints using the TD123 Live Chat by sending a text to 8333123. Picture: BT/Khai Zem Mat Sani
Thursday, October 27, 2016

ABOUT 79 per cent of cases reported through Talian Darussalam 123 (TD123) had been successfully resolved within a few days, Director of the E-Government National Centre said.

Talian Darussalam 123 received a total of 756,959 calls with an average of 24,000 calls per month, starting from its introduction in March 2014 to September 2016.

Mazriyani Hj Abd Ghani said statistics proved that many non-emergency cases had been solved efficiently without delay.

“About 79 per cent of the complaints were actually closed within less than six days… for us it is a significant number in terms of its efficiency,” the director said during a press conference at the E-Government National Centre yesterday.

The official said many of the complaints including electrical problems and water disruptions were easy to handle but other cases such as road damages would take a bit more time to resolve.

“Depending on the nature of the complaints, if it’s simple it will be answered directly, but if it’s complicated, it may take some time to resolve,” she said.

Recently, Talian Darussalam 123 launched two channels for the public to lodge complaints or submit queries. ‘TD123 Mobile App’ and ‘TD123 Live Chat’ are the new channels in addition to the existing channels, phone, email, website and social media platforms. By using the ‘TD123 Live Chat, members of the public can use the ‘WhatsApp’ messaging platform to send videos and photos of the complaints or queries in real-time to 8333123.

The ‘TD123 Mobile App’ allows the public to send photos of complaints, track the status of their complaints, and receive alerts and notifications on their smartphones and tablets. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play, respectively.

In order to login to the mobile app, users can use their existing E-Darussalam account. Every account needs to be updated with the user’s latest address and phone number.

For more information, members of the public can visit or contact Talian Darussalam via any of the available communication channels. — Khai Zem Mat Sani

Courtesy of The Brunei Times
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